Remove Debts or Acquire Some Good, Make a Loan!

Loans to pay off debts

Loans to pay off debts

Making loans to pay off debts or to acquire some good is becoming more and more common among the “Pensioners and Pensioners of INSS”, the payroll deductible credit for offering much cheaper interest than other types of credit, have been breaking records of grant year after year.

But it is necessary that the Retiree and Pensioner take certain care when applying for the loan. Just to have an idea, according to information released by the National Social Security Institute, in 2011 beneficiaries in general made with banking, financial and payroll-related institutions about R $ 29 billion in debt through this type of credit.

Everyone is already tired of knowing that payday loan is currently the credit modality that offers the lowest conditions and interest rates in the market. The Economic Department of the Central Bank pointed out in a report that the annual rate of this type of credit operation in the financial system was around 28%, different from the other modalities in which the average rate was 69% per year.

But it is not only “INSS retirees and pensioners” who seek to take payroll deductible loans, that is, direct salary discounts, all categories of workers of private companies have sought an agreement with financial institutions to obtain the same facilities.

The search for payroll-deductible loans has increased considerably in recent years, and along with this growth, the debt of the class also, the credit acquired to pay debts or acquire some good is normal, however a good part borrows to buy construction materials to finish the renovate the house and, others with the most balanced financial situation, take the consigned credit to travel and to know new places by Brazil and in the world.

Take out debt or get some good, make a loan ! Is it only that by getting credit or loan it is possible to get rid of debts or buy some product that we want. Could it be that if we had a good financial planning of the income we could minimize or even eliminate financial problems and buy everything in sight, think about it.

Regardless of your need when making the loan, keep in mind that the money you take now, will have to be returned over the years, try not to “contract payroll loans” for more than 36 installments, within 12, 24 and 36 months, the interest charged is even lower.